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Why do women stay? #2

Why do women stay in abusive relationships? You can't be in this business long before you learn the many answers. In the Depp/Heard debacle much seemed to be made of the fact that Heard stayed with him but claimed abuse. People ask: Why would she stay if it is true she was abused?


I'm not saying Depp did it but a victim staying with their abuser is classic and sadly happens too often. Many prosecutors get tired of these couples having a fight and the woman running to get a protective order and then turn around and not want to proceed with it. This wastes the prosecutor's time and energy and the courts. Now, you see some prosecutors making the alleged victim show up in court and tell the judge instead of just agreeing to drop it.


I've had clients and probably most lawyers have, who will stand up for a few moments against the abuser and then cave in and fall back into the relationship. Some women are beaten badly and/or emotionally abused--some die. 


I was not at all surprised by Heard's testimony that she stayed because she "loved him" and thought she could help him. This is heard on a regular basis in courtrooms around the country.


Some women are financially dependent on the man or have religious convictions that make them feel they have to stay. And of course, some continually fall for the abuser's apology and begging for forgiveness. It becomes a vicious circle and one that can be deadly.





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