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Things to consider when making a Will #3

When considering making a Will there are several things you will need to decide. First, who is the person you would like to appoint to see to it that your estate is administered as you have requested in your Will and that all business aspects of your estate are handled appropritately? (Taxes, etc.)


Keep in mind thtat this person needs to be responsible and dependable and will get things done and meet deadlines.


2. How is your property held? Example: Is your house or car in your name alone? If so your Will and estate will have to see to it that the items go to the person or persons you have chosen. If an item is held jointly with another person or persons then the item should go directly to that person or persons upon your death and not into your estate. Keep in mind and depending upon how the property is held, the person may own the property jointly with you and have rights to it.


3. Do you have beneficiaries on yor insurance policies and any other documents that allow beneficiaries? If so the proceeds should go directly to that person upon your death. If there is no beneficiary the proceeds shoulds go to your estate and the Will can decide how to divide them up.


4. Do you want to give some specific items to certain people? Example: Pieces of art, furniture, etc. If so you can put in the Will who you want to get certain items.

Or, do you want to have a sale of all your things and divide the proceeds among your hiers?Or you  can do both--give certian items to specific people and sell some other things and divide the money among the heirs.


5.Do you have any specific funeral or burial requests? You can list those as well.


These are some things to think about and discuss with a lawyer of your choosing in your state. Laws vary so be sure and discuss your requests with a lawyer who is licensed in your state and familiar with the laws before making a Will. 


The information given in this post is not to be considered as legal advice and relied upon. Consult a licensed attorney in your state prior to making a Will.   

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